Some questions you might have

What is CheckMyFashion?

“CheckMyfashion helps you to obtain your style” CheckMyFashion allows you to save, organize & share the best fashion items from every online store. You can get personal sale alerts when an item you Love goes on sale! Also, you can browse profiles created by other people to discover new items and shops, and follow users who match your style and get updates you will Love. People use CheckMyFashion for three reasons: to save online fashion items to be alerted when an item they love goes on sale to assemble fashionable outfits for any occasion CheckMyFashion makes online shopping more fun and much easier!

How to sign up for CheckMyFashion?

You can use your Facebook account to sign in, or do it the old-fashioned way and sign up with your E-mail adress.

What means FOUND BY?

All the items on CheckMyFashion are handpicked by our users. Every item is found by using the Add-Fashion button. Each item will lead back to the website of the shop it was found on. With one click “Go to shop” you will be forwarded to the shop to make a purchase if desired.

How to install the Add-fashion button to FIND items?

We provide 2 types of methods for saving fashion items from online stores. You can use the “Bookmarklet” or the “Add on” button, depending on your browser. Click on this link to get the button and find a full instruction video on how to use it.

Why should you LOVE an item?

When you LOVE an item this obviously means you Love it and would like to own it. Items you Love will automatically be placed on your profile. This allows you to quickly check all the items you Love before you decide which items you should buy. Another great feature: when an item you Love goes on sale we will alert you so you will be the first to know! You can use the items you Love to create fashionable sets for any occasion.

What does HAVING an item mean?

This means you own this item - it’s currently hanging in your closet. Items you Have will automatically be placed on your profile. This helps you to check all the items you Have and make a smart choice which items to buy next to match your current wardrobe. You can use items you own to create fashionable sets for any occasion.


Following a user means you will receive the updates of this user’s profile in your following overview. Follow other users by clicking on the “Follow” button. Following users is a great way to find items & shops that match your style!

How to CREATE a set?

When you start Finding, Loving and Having items onto your profile you can easily create fashionable outfits for any occasion. Click on the “Create” button and start styling. When you are done styling, click on “Save set”. The last step is to click on “Publish”, to publish your newest creation to showcase it to other users on CheckMyFashion.

How to get personal SALE alerts?

When you Love an item we will start following all the price movements for you. When an item goes on sale we will alert you by e-mail so you will be the first to know! It’s a perfect way for you to shop everything you love and still stay within your budget.

How to invite your Facebook friends?

If you are logged in with your Facebook account you can easily invite your friends to join CheckMyFashion. Click on the “Invite your Facebook friends” button, select the friends you would like to invite and send the CheckMyFashion invitation.

How to link your Blog, Website or Twitter?

Go to “Settings” in your profile and select “Account info”. Add the credentials for your Blog, Website or Twitter account. Then click “Save” to showcase a link on your profile badge.

How to change your privacy settings?

Go to “Settings” in your profile and select “Privacy”. Then select your privacy level and click “Save”.

How to change your e-mail notifications?

Go to “Settings“ in your profile and select “Notifications”. Then choose from a variety of notification settings and click “Save”.

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